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Personal Asset Loan

If you need a medium term (5 years) financing to purchase a motor vehicle or other general purpose loans over the amounts of K50,000.00.

You can apply for a personal asset loan which has a predetermined repayment schedule consisting of equal sized installments covering principal, interest and fee during the lifetime of the loan.

How to apply

You can apply by contacting a Personal Lending Officer or a Branch Manager at your nearest local BSP Branch.

What do I need to bring with me?
  • Complete an application form below and sign off;
  • Letter of confirmation of employment and remuneration from your employer;
  • Superfund ID and copy of latest statement;
  • Copy of Driver’s license;
  • Salary Deduction Authority;
  • Quotation or invoices for the purpose of the loan;
  • Confirmation of ownership of major assets advised eg, copy of state lease, copy of vehicle registration, must be provided with your application;
  • Where loan amount is K100,000 and above, evidence of 30% equity is required.

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