3D Secure

3D Secure is a security protocol facilitated by VISA, and used by banks worldwide, to authenticate online card transactions, allowing customers to transact online securely using your BSP VISA card. 

The 3D Secure service protects BSP VISA Debit card holders against the fraudulent use of their card details to make online purchases. 

We encourage all customers to register for the 3D Secure service.  In the event you have not registered you will be allowed 3 online purchases without having to input the One Time Password(OTP), after which you will be required to register. Any further transaction attempts will be declined.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This service can only be accessed via Personal Internet Banking.

Features & Benefits
  • Transact online securely
  • Keep track of online purchases using your card and control spending
  • Alerts are near real time
  • Alerts provide early detection of unauthorised transactions using your card details
  • Service is free of charge
How to access this service

Register for 3D Secure through your BSP Personal Internet Banking.

  1. Log into Personal Internet Banking
  2. Select 3D Secure
  3. Proceed to enrol your card(s)
  4. Update your contact details
  5. Update your security questions

If you are not a registered BSP Personal Internet Banking user, we recommend you apply now. Download the Application form and complete. 

Email your application to our Customer Service Centre servicebsp@bsp.com.pg or drop it off at your nearest BSP Branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to 3D Secure FAQ for more information

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