Investor Relations

BSP commits to dealing fairly, transparently and openly with both current and prospective shareholders.

Results and performance

For transparency and the convenience of investors, we offer BSP's financial statements; company announcements and news... see half-year results and more.

Upholding our responsibilities

BSP maintains effective corporate governance policies, structures and processes, whereby the independence of its Directors is maintained. Strict procedures ensure control and long-term profitability.

Detailed information about BSP

We believe in keeping our investors customers and the general public informed about what is happening at BSP. See the latest investor presentations, annual reports and other investor resources

BSP Capital

BSP Capital is the capital advisory and funds management arm of Bank of South Pacific, the largest bank in Papua New Guinea.

Rights & responsibilities at BSP

BSP is committed to promoting fairness, transparency and accountability by sharing information transparently, and defining the responsibilities of the Board, management and shareholders.

Our corporate governance practices are regularly reviewed and refined to ensure continual improvement and meet long-term profitability objectives for all financial stakeholders, while providing a safe and risk-free working environment for all staff.

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