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  • Accept cash deposits (Cash In)
  • Pay out withdrawal (Cash Out)
  • Loan Repayment
  • Third Party Payments
  • Wantok Moni
Payment Processors

Make electronic payments to their suppliers' accounts for the commodities sold to them by those suppliers at their respective buying points

Farmers can now get paid electronically - through their mobile phones. It's cheaper and faster. The mobile banking service allows buyers to transfer payments to growers' bank accounts via their mobile phones. Funds can be withdrawn using a KunduCard at EFTPoS machines, ATMs, bank branches, or at local shops that operate as agents for the bank.

Mobile Banking

BSP's Mobile Banking payment services enable rural-dwellers to receive payments directly to their bank accounts via mobile phones. The service is instantaneous and funds are immediately cleared and available.

The risks associated with holding cash and the need to travel long distances to a bank branch have been eliminated by the use of electronic banking. Payments are made directly to bank accounts, cleared immediately and accessible using the KunduCard at EFTPoS, ATMs, Agents, and Branches. All funds are kept in real bank accounts giving the best combination of security and accessibility.

The provision of quick and safe ways for business owners to send and receive money in rural areas is helping to grow local economies and promote secure saving.

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