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VISA Debit Card

The BSP VISA Debit Card gives you the freedom to access your funds securely and conveniently anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Access your money in your BSP Kundu Account when shopping in stores or online and where ever VISA is accepted, worldwide. 

Features & Benefits
  • Purchase goods and services anywhere worldwide where the VISA logo is displayed.
  • Access funds anywhere, 24/7.  Withdraw cash at ATMs and EFTPoS, lookout for the VISA logo.
  • Make online and telephone purchases using your BSP VISA Debit Card. 
  • Use VISA payWave, for low value purchases. Lookout for the payWave symbol. No need to swipe or enter a PIN. It's quicker and more convenient than cash, just touch and go!
  • Be confident that your card and transaction details are better protected with the chip enabled BSP VISA Debit Card.
  • Track online purchases and detect any unauthorised online transactions with the 3D Secure* service. 

 *Terms & conditions apply.

A BSP Visa Debit Card for you,
  1. Classic VISA Debit Card
  2. Silver VISA Debit Card
  3. Gold VISA Debit Card
  4. Platinum VISA Debit Card

The Classic VISA Debit card is for anyone* who banks with BSP.

The Silver and Gold VISA Debit cards are available to BSP Priority Customers. Click Here to find out more about BSP Priority.

The Platinum VISA Debit Card is available to all BSP First Clients. Click Here to find out more about BSP First.

For our Corporate Customers, the Corporate VISA Card is available. Click Here for BSP Corporate.

For our SME Customers, the SME VISA Debit Card is available. Click here for SME Banking.

Important Reminder for VISA Debit Card Holders Travelling Overseas

  1. To safeguard you against fraud we may monitor transactions performed using your card and/or place restrictions on certain  transactions especially those performed outside of PNG. So if you are travelling outside of PNG please call us on +675 305 7842 and advise your itinerary, so we can note your travel details and answer any related questions that you may have.

  2. ATM - Select Cheque (Locally) or Credit (Overseas).

  3. Merchant - Select Cheque (Locally) or Credit (Overseas) for purchases using EFTPoS.

  4. You may be charged international transaction fees and other non BSP ATM fees.

  5. Call us on 320 1212 locally or +675 305 7842 when overseas or email
Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to VISA Debit Card FAQs | 3D Secure FAQs for more information.

 VISA Debit Card Brochure

For more information, please view our VISA Debit Card Brochure | Card Stop Notice Application Form

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