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BSP Urges Schools to Accept E-Receipts

Friday, February 11, 2022

BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) is advising schools registered as Mobile Banking School Merchants in the country to accept legitimate e-receipts provided by parents to ease the burden of queues in branches and improve schools’ operational efficiencies.

Despite the BSP Mobile Banking *131# school fee payment platform being available for all to use,  BSP branches continue to see influx in the number of people lining up in queues  across the country.

For example, in Mt Hagen, due to schools’ insistent on paper receipt and their reluctance to accept e-receipts for school fees paid via the Mobile Banking *131# School Fee payment option, parents and guardians are forced to queue up at the branches.

BSP Retail Group General Manager Daniel Faunt is urging registered schools in Western Highlands to accept electronic receipts provided by parents and guardians as these are legitimate payments.

“Mobile Banking *131# school fee payment option is genuine and improves school’s operational efficiencies by saving valuable admin time for teachers, easily recorded directly into the school system and allows for parents to make payments in their own time and place which essentially reduces banking queues,” he added.

In addition to digital banking options, BSP also opened 16 of its branches, including Mt Hagen branch on 3 consecutive Saturdays for school fee deposits. This allows for parents and guardians who are unable to pay school or tertiary institution fees including project fees during the weekdays to have the opportunity to visit respective BSP branches on the weekend. BSP Mt Hagen Branch served over 700 customers over the three Saturdays it was open.

BSP has 24 schools in Western Highlands that are currently registered for the Mobile Banking School Fee payments platform and the bank is calling on these schools to accept e-receipts from parents and guardians.

“We understand the challenge of making school fee payments at this time of the year and have implemented digital solutions to provide parents with convenient options rather than having to go into BSP branches. Therefore, schools are urged to accept legitimate e-receipts for ease of banking and administration efficiency for parents and schools respectively,” said Faunt.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to sign up for Mobile Banking while at the Branch for ease of school fee payment going forward.