Earth Hour

Join us and be part of this year's WWF's annual Earth Hour campaign "Uniting People to Protect the Planet".

Earth Hour is an annual event, held every year at 8:30pm on the last Saturday, 29th of March.

Earth Hour is an initiative that symbolizes the collective power of individuals, businesses and governments to help reduce our impact on this planet.

From its humble beginnings in one city in one country - Sydney - Earth Hour has grown to millions of people in over 5000 cities across 135 countries. A truly global community committed to creating a more sustainable future.

"Go Green BSP is proud to be part of this global movement and support Earth Hour annually" says BSP's Social Environmental Management Officer and Go Green Ambassador Miss Rachel James.

BSP's Go Green campaign supports to unite Papua New Guinea, and the South Pacific to help protect our region and the globe. At BSP we recognize we are "One people & One Planet" and we all have a positive role to play.

"The South Pacific region is one of the most remarkable biologically rich, culturally diverse and aesthetic regions on this planet. BSP Go Green endeavors to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy this beauty" says Miss James.

BSP acknowledges that every individual action collectively goes a long way in helping the environment; whether it be picking up a piece of rubbish, planting one tree, conserving water and turning off a running tap, or simply turning off conserving power energy - electricity for one hour.

BSP drives an active environmental Go Green campaign annually with activities across Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Fiji, the South Pacific region. Each month BSP raises awareness on key environmental issues. Go Green supports environmental and conservation efforts and assists with community environmental education.

Miss James says the best way to achieve BSP's Go Green mission is by encouraging active participation. We believe that actions speak louder then words. By involving our communities and our people to participate in our Go Green campaign activities we are helping to change mindset and positively shaping a region by raising environmental consciousness.

As we seek economical development there are inadvertently negative impacts on the environment for production of services and goods and accompanying economic empowerment. However sustainability is the ultimate key.

Sustainability depends on how we best manage, mitigate and rehabilitate these impacts locally, nationally and regionally - and ultimately collectively across the globe today for tomorrow and for the future. Every little action counts.

"So be counted. Be part of it, Earth Hour, 2014 and mobilize your community, your office, your family and switch of your lights to mark this special hour, 8:30, this Saturday 29th March" says Miss James, BSP's Go Green Ambassador and Social Environmental Management Systems Officer.

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