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Business Interest Rates

Lending Rates

Indicator Lending Rate (ILR)   10.60% pa
Insurance Premium Funding   Competitive rates on application
Leasing Competitive rates on application
Commercial Property Investment Loan   Competitive rates on application

*Margin may apply to determine actual percentage rate charged on the relevant loan.

All rates current as at 20th March 2023


Business Cheque Account Bearing Interest K250,000 & above 0.30% pa



Plus Saver (SME)

K0.00 up to less than K5,000 0.00% pa
K5,000 up to less than K15,000 0.10% pa
K15,000 up to less than K200,000 0.15% pa
K200,000 & above 0.25% pa
Plus Saver (BSP First) On All Balances 1.50% pa
Term Deposits K50,000 and over Competitive interest rates for corporate customers can be obtained by calling your Relationship Manager.
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