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BSP Takes Out Top Honors from Torrens University Australia at IBBM Graduation

Thursday, August 24, 2023

With a focus on improving staff development and capabilities, BSP remains committed to investing in its greatest asset – its human resources.

During the 69th Institute of Banking & Business Management’s (IBBM) graduation on Tuesday 8th August, 2023 at the IBBM campus, Konedobu, BSP Offshore Branches Liaison Manager Stanerd Wai picked up the IBBM prestigious “Chairman’s Medal” award.

Stanerd received the award after obtaining the highest aggregate marks (GPA) for Masters in Business Administration (MBA) studies undertaken at Torrens University Australia (TUA).

When addressing fellow graduates, guests, sponsors and staff, Stanerd said, “Our academic achievements today represent the products of our employers’ investments in us, and that’s just one side of the coin. The other side is us applying knowledge that we acquired to contribute to the ongoing success of our organizations. This also includes us playing pivotal roles in developing business leaders of tomorrow as a business continuity plan for our organizations in the highly competitive markets”.

“For me personally, I would like to thank my sponsor BSP Financial Group Limited for this achievement. Let me proudly place on record that BSP’s commitment to invest in its human capital is unparalleled to others in Banking & Financial sector,” he added.

“BSP takes great pride in the diversity of its people and is committed to building a strong and inclusive working culture. The bank’s increased focus on empowering its people in giving opportunity to develop their skills and unleash their potentials places BSP as an employer of choice in the banking sector," he said contently.

BSP Offshore Branches Liaison Manager and IBBM Chairman's Medal winner Stanerd Wai with BSP HR GM Hari Fenech.

Mr. Wai gleefully added: “Receiving this prestigious award is a significant milestone for me in my career, my family and BSP, the culmination of much hard work and dedication, through juggling work and study has paid off well. As the labour market becomes more competitive than ever before, it is incumbent on us to continue investing in our knowledge and upskill ourselves if we are going to remain competitive, and encourage others in our area of influence to follow our footsteps.

He concluded by encouraging fellow graduates and colleagues saying, “At the back of our achievements, we are now well-placed to affect those around us with positive and right attitude as a way of addressing many of the social issues in our community and the country” The graduation also saw three other staff who walked the aisle to receive their Diploma in Banking and Finance; Shervy Pais, Hilda Gaharepo and Wendy Punde.

Stanerd will be graduating in Adelaide Campus later this year with Masters in Business Administration (MBA) while Adena Douglas, Clarereece Tade and Maureen Ulsimbi graduated July with certificate and diploma in Banking and Finance respectively.

As one of the largest private sector employers in the region with over 4,000 employers, BSP commits to investing in staff development across all business arms.