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Ticket Bilum Embrace BSP eCommerce

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Technology developed by innovative Papua New Guineans are revolutionising the way things are done in PNG, from shopping online for groceries and market produce to selling digital products.

A local web designer, Tidman Ikosi, has introduced the mobile app in 2020 known as Ticket Bilum. The app allows customers to pay for tickets to events and venues online using mobile airtime credits and bankcards.  Perfect for the ordinary Papua New Guineans, the app delivers tickets immediately to your mobile phone with a special QR code. When the customer arrives at the event, they simply scan the QR code to access the event or venue.

The Ticket Bilum app Founder and owner Mr Ikosi said, “Being an app-based service, online payments bring ease and convenience of payment. Customers no longer have to stand in line or ring a number to reserve tickets or meet at a location to buy tickets. Payments or selling of event tickets can be done literally anywhere, anytime and at your fingertips via your mobile phone. I’m also able to track in real time remotely anywhere in the world every payment being made via the app.”

After successful integration to BSP Internet Payment Gateway in 2020, the Ticket Bilum mobile app was a relief for event organisers during earlier stage of COVID-19.

Event organisers selling tickets for cinema, stage plays, major conferences, concerts, fundraising dances or sporting events will save money and avoid the hassle to print tickets or rent a venue to sell tickets. Simply use your mobile phone at the venue to scan your digital ticket code on a QR code reader provided by the venue organisers.

How to use the Ticket Bilum App:

  1. Download the Ticket Bilum app from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store
  2. Register your Sign In details and password to log on (Name, email address or Bmobile number)
  3. Select Ticket available from the category of (a) Movies (b) Theatre (c) Sports (d) Events
  4. Choose payment options to Pay by Bank Card with BSP or Pay by Bmobile Airtime Credits (This option is available only to Bmobile subscribers at this point)
  5. A receipt will be displayed on the app with your unique QR code.

Ikosi’s advice to other businesses who are planning to incorporate online payments onto their website or apps:

  • Keep it simple. Online shopping experience is key. Make sure your customer’s purchasing experience is quick and easy. Do not over complicate the payment experience. You want your customer to find a product you are selling and pay for it with a click of a button.
  • Deliver the product as soon as possible. Once they have paid, do not waste time delivering your goods. With the growth of e-commerce, the difference with you and competition after payment is delivering a quality product on time. You tarnish your reputation as a business when you do not deliver.
  • Always improve. Look at ways to be better in your online business. Look at how you can be efficient with the shopping experience, the website, the app, the payment process, the speed at which you deliver the customer service and support before, during and after.

Businesses interested in registering for eCommerce payment solutions can contact BSP through email servicebsp@bsp.com.pg or call BSP 3201212 or 70301212.