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Students encouraged to have bank accounts

Monday, April 29, 2024

More than 3,800 students of Wardstrip Primary School – one of NCD’s most populous schools have been encouraged to create a bank account and partner with BSP Financial Group for their life goals.

In a visit to the school for a community project hand-over on Friday 26th April, 2024, BSP Head of Retail Payment Peter Komon while speaking of BSP’s commitment to the communities it operates in, encouraged the students to open a bank account.

“That is the start of your journey and the bank will be your partner as you grow through life. One day when you finish from here, go to high school then university, then to find employment. There will come a time when you need to find a house or you need to pay for some obligations like your bride price when you get married.  It’s good to start early, open a bank account and partner with BSP to go through life,” Komon encouraged the students.

In an age and time when students are easily distracted by a lot of external factors, Komon encouraging the students to focus on their studies; find someone they can look up on, to stay focused on reaching those goals.

Komon told students that apart from being the only bank that operates in all provinces in PNG, BSP is part of the people and runs annual community projects, giving back through education, health, the community and special need programs.

He was at Wardstip Primary School for the Group CEO selection and Marketing Committee Community Project handover where 50 double-seated desks, resource books and sporting equipment were given to the students.

Wardstrip Board Chairman Silvenus Vaso in thanking BSP said the school has overcrowded classrooms with students sitting four students to a desk – some even sit on the floor. “These desks will go a long way and will speak loudly and be a good example for other organisations to follow BSP and also come in and assist us.”

Vaso described BSP as an octopus,” It has many arms everywhere in Papua New Guinea. Our heartfelt gratitude for your support and contribution. This is seen as a great investment to build a positive environment to enable teaching and learning for our students in the school. What you have given us today will help in the long run in terms of educating our students – the desks, text books and sporting equipment will make the environment conducive to learn,” he added.