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St Anne’s Primary School Gets New Playing Courts

Thursday, April 22, 2021

“A school isn’t complete without a playground.”

These are the words of St Anne’s Primary School Principal of Sr Mary when acknowledging Bank South Pacific Financial Limited (BSP) during the handover of a newly constructed multi-purpose basket and volleyball courts at St Anne’s Primary School in Gerehu, Port Moresby.

“The addition of the new multi-purpose courts makes the location the perfect place for our 248 students to get outdoors to participate in recreation, exercise and sports,” said Sr Mary.

 “I’m pleased to say that the new basketball and volleyball courts have opened just in time as we were proposing to have a sports field for the children and I have no doubt that the kids will be enjoying the new courts responsibly over the coming weeks.” She added.

Left: BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming with St Anne’s Primary School students. Right: BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming testing the hoops.

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming congratulated the students and the construction team for the newly built multipurpose courts that will benefit the student community.

When speaking to the school, Mr Fleming said, “We know, fitness in sports plays a very important role in students life. It keeps individuals minds clear and ready to learn.”

“This is a basketball and volleyball court and we see basketball hoops and volleyball nets, but it also teaches us so much more than just courts. It creates friendship and a relationship between the bank and the community. We like to build relationships and strengthen our community involvement,” added Mr Fleming.  

The project is part of the bank’s annual Community Projects initiative that greatly provides an avenue for the bank to contribute to make a difference in our communities through sports, education and health.

Students testing out the new volleyball court.