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Sola PayGo Expands Reach via BSP digital payment solutions

Friday, June 11, 2021

Collaborating with BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP), Sola PayGo has expand its reach in the rural areas of PNG through affordable products and ease of payments through the BSP digital payment solutions.

Since their inception in 2018, Sola PayGo has continued to adopt convenient alternatives for ease of payment for customers from EFTPoS to Mobile Banking services.  Recently, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sola PayGo adapted the e-Commerce platform to enhance their existing reach in rural areas in the country.

The solar company integrated the Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) online payment solution through their website (enables payment using a Visa card) and is now embracing the newly introduced card-less payment solution, BSP Pay.

The BSP Pay solution allows a BSP customer to carry out online payments on Sola Paygo’s website (www.solapaygo.com), instantly and securely, without the use of card details. The only information required is their CIF (BSP ID) and registered mobile number to receive security codes.

Sola PayGo Operations Manager James Gilova stated that, “As we expand our footprint, we have seen an increase in customers utilising the option of BSP Pay and Mobile banking through the purchases made on our solar products. The convenience of being able to transact from wherever people are based is having a greater impact when compared to the high cost and inconvenience of large distances needed to be traveled to transact financially”.

With service centers in major towns, SPG continues to drive rural electrification and ease of payments to customer’s nationwide, building customer trust and brand loyalty.

BSP Deputy General Manager -Retail Sales & Customer Support, Peter Komon, acknowledged that BSP moving into the digital space improves both its partnership with service providers such as Sola PayGo that can have a transformative impact on overall rural electrification, and financial inclusion here in PNG.

“With the increasing availability of mobile and internet services in PNG, our consumers have responded equally to digital service. Our Digital payment system enhances growth for businesses and enables reach into the mass market,” added Komon.

BSP aims to continue to deliver relevant digital card less payment solutions suitable for our mass market, such as BSP Pay, and to continue to enhance its current digital channels in introducing the recent BSP Mobile Merchant payment for local businesses.