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SME- Jayso’s Ink Wholesaler & Distributors Limited

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Jayso's Ink Wholesaler & Distributors Limited is a small business specialised in selling printers, consumables and providing after hours sale service.

The business is owned by Jason Ambili and wife Lucy. Jayson is a reliable BSP SME Customer who shares his experience of running the business through the convenient use of BSP SME products and services.

From registering his small business in 2016, to Jayson opening an account specifically for his business was important.

He visited BSP Port Moresby Branch, Downtown, and opened a SME Business Account t to keep his business transactions separate from his personal spending, to manage his funds better.

"I explained my need for a business account, and the staff advised me to open a SME Business Account, and I am pleased that I did open that account," he said.

Over a space of two years in operation, Jayso Ink Wholesaler & Distributors business has grown into a comfortable SME operating from home at 5 mile.

"I still have a full time job, but my wife, Lucy decided to quit her job and take care of the business," he added.

Jayson explains that all their business transactions are captured through their BSP SME Current Account that was established with BSP. The business payments are facilitated through the SME Business Debit Card that is linked to the account. These are all part of the BSP SME product offering.

"I recently found out that the SME Business Package also allows for us to sign up for Internet Banking, which we can view account statements, verify payments and other transactions, which is a good thing," he said.

"The SME Business Package allows me to keep record of my business transactions, for over 12 months. By using my transaction history, I was able to apply for an SME Business Loan for my business. The SME Loan process is simple, as long as you have all the requirements.

The other great thing about being a BSP SME customer is, they have an SME Business Centres located in Port Moresby, Waterfront Shopping Mall, where they are open on weekends. This cuts down the time spent in lines in the main branches, and we are able to visit the SME Banking centre, do our deposits, make our enquiries, save time and get back to running our small business."

Jayson is very aware that there are still risks involved even when he has successfully operated his business.

Starting a small business, in Papua New Guinea can be challenging, but it is possible. No one gives you a 100% assurance that a small business start-up would always be successful.