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Recent Armed Robberies – BSP Rural Agencies

Friday, February 25, 2011

This initiative is a "community service" initiative and will not be profit generating for BSP.

BSP Rural has to date opened 6 agencies: Kwikila, Daulo, Banz, Kerowagi, Minj and Lufa. BSP Rural recruits local workers from these regions.

At the launch of each Agency the Leaders of the local Communities are invited and are made fully aware that the local community must take responsibility to protect and support BSP Rural from the growing criminal elements in PNG. 

On Tuesday 22nd March 2011 the new BSP Rural Agencies in Daulo district and Kwikila were both subjected to armed robbery and money was taken. 

BSP takes the view based on previous experience that the people and the local community would have been aware of these pending robberies and may even know the identity of those involved. 

BSP's policy on Armed Robbery is clear; we will immediately close Daulo and Kwikila BSP Rural Agencies for an indefinite period.

The rural people of Daulo and Kwikila will now have to travel at great cost to Goroka and Port Moresby to carry out their banking services.

The acts of a few criminals now penalise the majority of honest and hardworking people in those two districts.

BSP calls on the People of Asaro and Kwikila to help Police resolve these crimes.

The provision of rural banking services is only possible if the local leaders and their communities take full responsibility to protect BSP Rural and our staff. 

The future of BSP's Rural Banking initiative is now being reviewed as rural security initiatives appear to be insufficient to support the provisions of rural banking service to rural communities in PNG.

Simply put, if BSP Rural cannot be protected then there will be no BSP Rural in that community.