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Paiam District Hospital gets assistance

Thursday, July 1, 2021

It has been a tough year for the Porgera township and its surrounding communities. The onslaught of Covid -19 and the closure of the mine in the cold misty Porgera Valley was a challenge to many communities including businesses but BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) – the only bank in the area continues to invest in the community.

Paiam District Hospital in Porgera and its surrounding communities and patients will have full access to the hospital following the donation of much needed medical equipment by BSP through its Community Project.

The BSP Porgera Branch team donated medical equipment included - Electrocardiogram machine, Spirometer, Audiometer and Pulse Oximeters on Wednesday 16th June, 2021, valued at close to K30,000.

Branch Manager Kips Ponga said the hospital had been referring patients with high blood pressure to other big centers like Wabag, Hagen and Kudjip for treatment. “This time onwards, I know we won’t be doing that because we have the facilities to attend to the patients.”

“At BSP, we not only provide financial service but assist through such donation today as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and will continue to assist as the only bank operating in Porgera since 2011,” Ponga added.

Paiam Elementary School students receive desks from BSP in 2019

BSP Group General Manager Daniel Faunt said with more than 8,700 customers in Porgera, BSP has invested over K235,000 since 2011. “We have delivered a total of 10 projects, ranging from refurbishment and construction of desks for Paiam Elementary school in 2019 to the installation of Solar Power Kit at St Joseph Kasap Primary School in 2018 and the installation of water tanks in Sirunki High School in 2013. In 2012 BSP renovated the bus stop sheds at Paiam, to name a few.”

Porgera District Hospital Acting Medical Superintendent Jerry Hoga thanked BSP for the assistance.

“All these purchased equipment will be put into the good use and serve our sick patients in communities within Porgera/Pila and also other nearby districts, provinces and the nation as a whole,” said Hoga.