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Pacificana accepts BSP Mobile Merchant Payments

Friday, November 4, 2022

Pacificana a Local MSME has partnered with BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) through registering as a BSP Mobile Merchant. Customers can now order and pay using Pacificana’s BSP Merchant Code 56997.

Pacificana,  a well-established local micro-SME has taken a positive step to diversifying their payment options by now becoming a Mobile Merchant.

Located in the heart of Gordons, Spoonbill, this local SME is a home-based business with a customer reach stretching across PNG and abroad. They offer a variety of products ranging from clothing and accessories such as hair flowers, coconut earrings, pacific designed shirts, tops and polarized sunglasses under their Tropikool brand. With a customer, reach stretching across PNG and abroad,

Business owner Ms. Amanda Kanasa states, “now with the added payment option it will help our business grow its customer base as BSP Mobile Merchant is convenient, safe, secure and cheaper payment option, which benefits both business and customers with payments that can be done from the safety of your home using any mobile phone.” She further stated, “apart from the benefits, it gives them credibility that we are a genuine business, and customers will trust that their orders will be delivered to them.’

Business owner of Pacificana, Ms. Amanda Kanasa.

Ms. Amanda Kanasa highly recommends that other Micro-SMEs & Sole Traders who have an account with BSP Financial Group Limited should look at signing up as BSP MB Merchant and not only limit your options to receiving payments through an eftpos machine. She further stated, “there is a lot of trust issues between customers and small business owners especially on social media (which is their main platform for sales), and being recognised as a BSP Mobile Merchant gives customers that security of knowing that your business is genuine. Almost everyone has a mobile phone and mobile banking is the way forward and convenient method of cashless payment.” Visit any BSP branches and sign up now.

BSP is enabling local business to access digital payments platforms making it convenient for customers to pay anytime anywhere with a convenient and secure online experience and enjoy doorstep delivery.

Businesses interested in BSP Payment services for a website can contact BSP on email: servicebsp@bsp.com.pg or call BSP 320 1212 or 70301212.