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Online Market Place Guarantees Safe Payments via BSP Online Payments

Friday, July 22, 2022

An innovative online marketplace - FindrPNG, now able to facilitate payments efficiently between service providers and respective customers after onboarding BSP Online Payment system on its platform.

FindrPNG is an online platform that helps connect service providers to customers when looking to get any tasks done. The platform allows the service providers to list their services, thereby allowing customers to search from a broad service category or request for a specific service via the platform. The cost effective click-of-a-button-search-and-match offers convenience to both parties.

The local business owner, Gadoeno Gabi describes that, “Whenever a customer needs a job done, they simply post the job on FindrPNG for individual service providers to apply and execute, or alternatively the customer can directly message a service provider and request their assistance via the FindrPNG platform.”

“Once the terms of the job such as date of delivery and budget are agreed by both parties, FindrPNG creates a specific Job Identification and facilitate the payment for services rendered once both the customer and service provider confirm that the job has been completed,” added Gabi.

He added that; “Onboarding the BSP online payment solution, it will guarantee convenient transaction of payments between service providers and its customers. FindrPNG will ensure transactions are efficient, cash-free and safe in order to protect both Customers and Service Providers on the platform. FindrPNG guarantees its users that this is achievable, knowing that payments will be settled effic­­iently without the risks associated with physical currency being exchanged,” added Gabi.

Thus, to access the online marketplace, both customers and service providers will have to register and log onto the FindrPNG website: www.findrpng.com.

BSP encourages businesses to consider moving online and ensures there is support every step of the on-boarding processes.

Businesses interested in registering for eCommerce payment solutions can contact BSP through email servicebsp@bsp.com.pg or call BSP 3201212 or 70301212.