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New Banking System Implementation Update | Thursday 20 April

Thursday, April 20, 2023

BSP Banking Services returning to normal after backlog of delayed payments to customers is prioritised for clearing. BSP Acknowledges uncertainty this caused customers.

BSP would like to thank customers for their patience, after a technical issue impacted account balance availability, system connectivity and batch payments, which has resulted in some customer payroll payments and other payments being delayed.

According to BSP GCEO Mark Robinson, BSP is continuing to fine-tune its operations under the new Banking System and confirms KunduPei service is now online. Cheque processing issues are being addressed and government payrolls, along with most other organisations’ payments have been processed and the remaining delayed payments will be prioritised for clearing.

“BSP acknowledges some customers have been let down by the level of customer service they received from BSP after the implementation of our new Banking System.

BSP is sorry our communication to customers has not always been as frequent as necessary,” said Mr Robinson.

BSP would like to reassure our customers and clients that their banking account records are secure and correct and our technical teams are putting in place extra measures to minimise interruptions to customer banking services.

Since the implementation of our new Banking System, our Mobile Banking network is operating normally, with an average of 357,000 transactions occurring each day over the past week.  Furthermore, our EFTPoS transactions have increased to an average of 140,000 per day in the past week, which is well above 120,000 daily average in March, under the old Banking System.  ATM transaction volumes are largely unchanged at about 90,000 per day under the new Banking System.

If BSP customers are still experiencing issues with their accounts, or payments, and have any issues accessing BSP Internet, Mobile or other banking services, we encourage customers to get in touch with us.

Customers can call our dedicated 24/7 Customer Service Team via the BSP Customer Call Centre to access support. Our Website also contains the latest Customer Notices and Product information.

BSP is committed to improving our standards and we look forward to serving our customers better.

Our 87 Branches, 320 ATMs, EFTPoS, Agency Banking, Mobile Banking and Internet Banking are available to serve you across PNG.

For issues with your account and queries, our BSP Customer Call Centre is available 24/7 on; Telephone: (+675) 7030 1212, (+675) 320 1212 or Email: servicebsp@bsp.com.pg