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Modern security and ICT solutions for SMEs

Friday, December 18, 2020

Bank of South Pacific (BSP) is proud to announce the launch of online payment solutions for Tactical Ranger Systems (TRS), a local SME that specializes in providing innovative ICT solutions and valued added services to consumers and business in Papua New Guinea.

TRS operates headquarters in Port Moresby providing advanced innovative, reliable, modern security and ICT solutions to local businesses.

"We aim to be the most agile end-to-end ICT solutions provider in PNG leveraging both our experience and expertise in security and digital technologies to customers over sound business practices and strong affiliations with various well-known tech vendors around the world", said Director of Tactical Ranger Systems Ricky Kirori.

"As far as online payments are concerned, our goal is pretty simple, to bridge the technology gap and reduce the complexities that SME's face in transacting securely and seamlessly with their customers. We like to keep things simple, and convenient, believing that tapping into a variety of online payment options for all SME's is valuable, and attracts more business for them and in return, restoring trust and reliance with us and our digital platform and partner, BSP. Our key products in focus are web design and development, hosting and software service solutions," added Mr Kirori.

TRS ICT Operations Specialist Glen Kiapgugu also reiterated that, TRS understands the competitiveness of these specialized niche markets, however, envisions itself to be a pioneer portraying continuous improvement in reliability, adaptability with pricing and technology to protect customer loyalty.

"Online transactions are rapidly evolving as a global trend and emerging technology in the digital space. More and more businesses are offering payment solutions in so many different forms, utilizing online payment platforms can considerably mitigating issues such as cumbersome processes, long queues, insecurity in transactions and risk of exposure," added Kiapgugu.

Thanks to BSP's e-Commerce solution, TRS is able to offer any SME an alternative online payment solution. Customers can simply log on to https://www.trspng.com/ to create an account and shop online for products and services it offers.

Businesses or organizations interested in setting up a payments page on their website can email servicebsp@bsp.com.pg and call BSP 3201212 or 70301212.