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In Tribute to Sir Kostas Constantinou

Monday, June 19, 2023

BSP Financial Group (BSP) Chairman Robert Bradshaw paid tribute to Sir Kostas Constantinou, who recently passed away.

“Sir Kostas Constantinou passing is a huge loss for the business community in PNG and across the Pacific region,” Mr Bradshaw said.

“As Chairman of BSP for 12 years, many of us at BSP were able to personally witness Sir Kostas’s drive and warmth and benefit from the wisdom he so kindly shared with others."

Sir Kostas joined the BSP Board in 2009 and was BSP’s Chairman from 2011 to his recent retirement in February 2023.  During Sir Kostas’s time as Chairman BSP achieved many milestones including an expansion across the Pacific and listing on the Australian Stock Exchange.

“The health and firm foundation that BSP has today is due to the strong thoughtful leadership by Sir Kostas during his time as Chairman,” Mr Bradshaw said.

“There are now more than 4,000 BSP employees proudly serving our banking clients across seven countries who reflect Sir Kostas’s incredible legacy at BSP.”