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Graduates embrace Corporate World

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

In constantly seeking innovative ways to stay ahead, and promoting growth and opportunities, BSP continues to invest in providing opportunities for young and aspiring graduates through its Graduate Development Program (GDP).

The BSP GDP provides an opportunity for young professionals to pursue and build their career through opportunities in different Strategic Business Units within the bank. 

In this article, we will share the journey of two former BSP Graduate trainees and perhaps simultaneously answer questions about their experience thus far.

Julius Loko and Handy Fred both joined BSP in 2022 as Graduate Trainees. Since 2023, both have secured permanent positions in the Customer Experience space of the business. More recently, Julius was appointed to Manager Complaints and Handy Complaints Officer - under the Retail Customer Experience Business Unit.

BSP Manager Complaints Julius Loko and Handy Fred - Complaints Officer.

Asked why they decided to join the BSP Graduate Development Program and their responses were;

Julius: “After completing my studies at the University of Goroka (UoG) in 2021, I was confident and fortunate to join the BSP GDP Program 2022. I believe my knowledge, skills and attributes and also my passion to challenge myself and learn new stuff led me to where I am.”
Handy: “While securing my Bachelor in Business Accounting at the UOG in 2021, I decided to start a career in the financial industry. Securing a job in a corporate organization like BSP is not easy as a fresh graduate, but, I had faith.”

Tell us about your experience with the selection process and the BSP GDP in general.

Julius: “The interview process in 2021 was extensive. We had to attend all four-interview phases. With little to no idea of what was expected, we gained confidence and self-thought skills.”
Handy: “The interview was my first ever interview. I was anxious, yet pleased. All four stages were structured differently. I believe it was set not only to test our professional and intellectual skills but our personal qualities as well.”

How has the program impacted your professional life?

Julius:The program has opened several doors for me, and this has challenged me to think differently and more broadly about my career.”
Handy: “Being part of the program was insightful; it gave us a sense of direction of where we want to be and what we need to do to get there. It developed us well in useful life skills such as public speaking and presentation.”

What is the coolest thing about working at BSP?

Julius: “Working in a fast-paced environment like BSP is no walk in the park—it challenges me to learn a lot, but it gave me exposure and was an excellent opportunity to learn and grow professionally.”
“Understanding the banks' process and procedures to meet people’s financial needs and how it impacts the country’s economy at large.”

What advice would you give to young professionals looking to make the most of their training experience?

Julius: “Read! Read! Read! Keep yourself versed with the company’s products and services.
Handy: “Opportunities come once. What comes today may not come tomorrow. Learn from it from every angle and embrace it even if you are not good at it.”

The 17 BSP 2024 Graduate Trainees with BSP Group CEO Mark Robinson and BSP People & Culture General Manager Hari Rabura after CEO’s welcome remarks for the trainees at the Waigani Head Office, Port Moresby.

This year 2024, BSP engaged 17 new cohorts from institutions in the country under the program. The 17 have begun their careers in January and will proceed in the next 11 months building their career in the bank through each Strategic Business Unit within the bank.

While the transition from academic settings to the corporate environment can be challenging, BSP ensures that the university's theoretical knowledge is put into practical application not only to bridge the gap between university studies and the corporate world, but also proves to be an investment nurturing people's talents and skills.