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Esrae Trading - 1st BSP Mobile Merchant in Enga

Thursday, June 24, 2021

BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) recently upgraded its mobile banking platform to make and receive payments for goods and services via BSP Mobile Banking *131#.

The BSP Mobile Merchant service is the cheapest, fastest and convenient way for customers to purchase goods and services using their mobile phones. Customers only pay 10t per purchase and registered BSP Mobile Merchants there is no fee charged to receive a payment in this method.

The first trade store to adopt this mobile payment method in Wabag, Enga Province, is Esrae Trading - a bustling retail shop serving rural communities along Lai River and the highlands highway between Mount Hagen and Porgera.

Esrae held the second highest record for transaction volumes across the country early this year. While embracing the paradigm shift from cash to mobile banking payments, Esrae continues to be an active advocate for cashless ecosystems and financial inclusion. The Esrae team are committed to educating their customers about the convenience and economic benefits of paying with their mobile phones.

Shop owner Elsie Sumnan commended BSP for the service saying, “There has been an increase in customers and transactions via mobile payment mainly for a cheaper option to get cash back with no fees applied. When a customer makes a purchase successfully, word gets out as part of the awareness and we get new customers using the service. Interestingly, we have customers traveling in from Wabag to Mt Hagen making a stop to purchase using their mobiles.”

“This service provides an ease of doing business. It lessens the burden of handling cash, provides a more secure way of purchasing goods and ease of reconciliation,” added Ms Sumnan.

This SME retailer continues to influence the payment landscape by driving cashless payments through BSP Mobile Banking *131#. With the Niupela Pasin guidelines in place, Esrae Trading has adopted a digital payment solution that promotes COVID-19 protocols, encourages social distancing and the reduction in handling of physical cash.

BSP Mobile Banking customers in Wabag and along the Lai River can now enjoy the convenience of purchasing goods or services and even request cashback at Esrae Trading. Simply dial *131# to access BSP Mobile Banking for FREE, select 4 for payments, follow prompts to enter the merchant code (Esrae: 599905) and complete the steps to confirm and make payment.

Businesses interested in registering as a mobile merchant can email servicebsp@bsp.com.pg or call BSP 3201212 or 70301212.