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Electronic Giving (eGiving) - A way forward for PNG Churches

Thursday, April 1, 2021

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic measures, BSP endeavours to work with churches to provide an alternate payment method for their members to continue contributions to church. COVID-19 has reduced participation numbers in church gatherings, and as a result, church members are turning to live streaming and online services. Most members however, still feel the need to visit the church to give their weekly tithes. The availability of eGiving allows church members to electronically pay their tithes directly to the Church account from the comfort and safety of their homes, via the church websites,” said Nuni Kuku, BSP General Manager Digital.

Kulu added, “The Adventist Church in PNG, is the first denomination to come on board with this initiative. The church has been unifying people through the word of God in Papua New Guinea for over 100 years, and are now embracing technology as an alternate mode of connecting with the congregations nationwide.”

“eGiving facilitates the secure online returning of tithe to God. This is directed to the Seventh-day Adventist Church across Papua New Guinea. Because tithe is holy, there are strict guidelines for how the Seventh-day Adventist uses tithes. Tithe is used by the Seventh-day Adventist Church to pay those who are employed to proclaim the gospel and the equip members as disciple makers”, explained SDA Associate Chief Financial Officer Ammanuellito Ligsay.

A Sonoma Adventist College student in Kokopo expressed his gratefulness for the service saying, “Accessing eGiving on my phone is easy and now allows me to return my tithes back to the Lord anytime. I can return my tithes on the go without having to wait for service on Sabbath. It allows me to give generously in silence.”

Another church member Cynthia Aaron testified when testing the service that, “It’s fast, easy and convenient.  In this time where COVID-19 restrictions have limited me to attend my church at Pacific Adventist University English Church, I am still able to return my tithes this way. Same goes for other Adventist Churches around PNG.”

The church website, www.giving.adventist.org.pg allows for members all over PNG to tithe, covering a list of all local missions from Bougainville Mission, to Eastern Highlands Simbu Mission, Milne Bay and missions across the country.