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Digitising Revenue Collections

Friday, May 3, 2024

BSP in partnership with Department of Finance announced the rollout of the Government of PNG (GoPNG) Electronic Receipts for payment of Government Services to improve payment experience, simplify validation of payments to government entities, and enhance oversight of revenue collection by the Department of Finance.

The GoPNG Electronic Receipt system pilot was launched today Friday, 3rd May 2024. This system enables online digital payment for services and issues an electronic receipt (e-receipt) from the respective government entity. The e-receipt is a form of a systematically generated receipt sent directly to your phone or email, and ultimately serves as proof of payment, without the need for a physical paper trail.

The Royal PNG Constabulary is the first government department to pilot the program in NCD for the next six months, prior to rolling out nationwide. The solution comprises of web-based portals that was developed by Platform Pacific Limited for the Department of Finance.

BSP Group Chief Operations Officer Nuni Kulu and Department of Finance Deputy Secretary Margaret Tenakanai launch the GoPNG Electronic Receipt Pilot system today Friday, 3rd May 2024 in Port Moresby.

The initial pilot launched today enables customers to pay for services online via BSP Pay (card less payment solution) with BSP Mobile Banking and Online Card payments (IPG) in the coming months.

Department of Finance Deputy Secretary Margaret Tenakanai said, they are pleased to launch the e-receipt system and are determined to see the success of the pilot and eventual rollout nationwide. She further added that the e-receipt system is in line with the Government’s Medium Term Development (MTD) 4 and Strategic Priority Arears (SPA) 7 on Revenue generation and SPA 8 on Digitalization.

“The GoPNG e-Receipt System is an enhanced feature of a digital platform designed to optimise revenue collection by enabling citizens to adopt online or mobile payments for government services and enables Government to reconcile revenue collection by instant e-receipt verification processes. It is anticipated that other government service providers will be added to the platform for the benefit of citizens to pay conveniently for services. With BSP’s support, we plan to extend payment options, on other channels like the Mobile Banking *131# service and Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) for Card Payments in the coming months,” said Ms Tenakanai.

Initially, the pilot will allow our people to select and pay for police services by accessing the Department of Finance Website. The platform includes a Customer Portal which allows for selection of service and payment; the respective government department proving the service will access the platform via their own unique Agency Portal to view paid service transactions, with ability for verification of e-receipt; and the Admin Portal enables Department of Finance, an overall dashboard for reporting revenue collection, managing reconciliation and point of contact with government service providers on the platform.

BSP Group Chief Operations Officer Nuni Kulu and Department of Finance Deputy Secretary Margaret Tenakanai launch the GoPNG Electronic Receipt Pilot system today Friday, 3rd May 2024 in Port Moresby, while BSP Retail GM Daniel Faunt and Finance Deputy Secretary Operations Stephen Nukuitu looks on.

BSP Group Chief Operations Officer (COO) Nuni Kulu said, “building partnerships with government entities for digital payments is crucial and collaboration with GoPNG can open up various opportunities for businesses in the digital solution sector, and support Government digital transformation journey in an ever-evolving landscape.”

BSP’s efforts to offer convenience to customers, extends to delivery of practical solutions for our citizens to access services, if they can pay via a mobile or online, it reduces time and effort to physically visit an office to pay for services. For government entities, having robust e-receipt system as verification of payments will promote efficiency effort to improve service delivery. We are pleased to be in the frontline in pioneering improved digital payments in partnership with the Department of Finance.” Mrs. Kulu concluded.

BSP is encouraging businesses and especially government departments to consider moving online and adapt to digital payment options for their customers.