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Daru Branch Closes Doors Due to Power Outage

Thursday, May 5, 2022

BSP Daru branch was closed in the last 2 days, Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd May, 2022, due to ongoing and continuous power outages in the township.

The BSP management confirms that this was due to shortage of fuel supplies in Western Province affecting PNG Power supply to the Township. BSP does have a standby generator but this generator has been unable to cope with the additional demands of continuous and extended periods of power generation.

Responding to the issue, BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming said, “While we regret to inform the public of our decision to close our doors for the last 2 days due to the PNG Power outages and standby generator instability, electricity is critical to banking operations.”

Fleming added: “Continuous outages has caused disruptions to normal business operations, affecting vital services to people and communities in Western Province. The recent unexpected outages has left customers and businesses unable to transact or enquire at the branch.”

BSP Group Retail General Manager Daniel Faunt said, "The management has been advised that PNG Power Limited (PPL) will restore power supply imminently to enable the Bank to reopen its doors on (Wednesday 4th May, 2022). BSP is however taking steps to identify alternate power sources to enable it to continue providing services to its customers.”

“In positioning itself to accommodate and absorb these unfortunate and increasingly frequent extended power outages in Daru in the future, BSP is currently shipping a new generator for BSP Daru Branch to maintain banking services in the township,” said Faunt.

Faunt added that, the new Cummins 90kVA generator which has cost BSP K250,00 will replace the old Cummins 65kVA which will now be set on backup once the new generator is installed. “A larger generator has become necessary given that ongoing and frequent power outages that have been evident in Daru and in other locations throughout PNG.”

BSP apologises for the inconvenience caused and we encourage our customers in Western province to use the Digital Banking platforms - Mobile Banking and Internet Banking for a safer and more convenient experience.”