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Change Brings Opportunities

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Themed Change Brings Opportunities, the Digital Strategic Business Unit (SBU) held a half-day workshop to review half year performance.

Since January 2019, the Digital Strategic Business Unit set out to initiate, facilitate, implement and execute the Digital Strategy of BSP Financial Group Limited.

In the space of two years, the Digital SBU has grown to encompass a fully-fledged dynamic PNG Team with staff specialised in Business Analysis, Project Management, Data and Market Insights, Digital Architecture, Content Management, Advocacy, and Program Developers.

“The work and services delivered by the Digital SBU are refreshing and inspiring. And to be a part of that professional community, striving for improvement in customer experience through research and implementing innovative solutions, is both a privilege and motivation for continuous self-improvement and growth in our chosen fields of expertise”, Dorcas Jicki, Senior Support Technician.

The objective of the half-day workshop held early July at the EmStret e-Space was to review the past six months of performance, celebrate achievements, staff journeys, challenges, and opportunities.

“I enjoy my current role. Being involved in the initial stages of scoping out a solution or initiative and assessing whether the solution is feasible to be progressed into an actual project is one aspect I enjoy. In addition, being able to develop my capacity and learn on-the-go, by working alongside some of the agile-working staff with the vast amount of work experiences behind them is something I'm grateful for as well. I wake up each morning motivated to come to work because I know how my role adds value to the team, SBU, BSP and to our valued customers as a whole”, John Ngabung, Digital Architect.

During the sessions, the staff recapped learnings and reiterated three core fundamental principles, Discipline, Consistency, and Accountability, in performance. One of the seven BSP Core Values we live by in BSP is TEAMWORK, “We work with, and for, each other, and we progress together.”