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BSP upgrades Tong Islanders’ Aid Post

Monday, July 25, 2022

After years of lying in a deteriorating state, Tong Islanders in Manus now have a refurbished Aid Post where they can access medical services, thanks to BSP Lorengau Branch’s 2022 BSP Community Project initiative.

A project that took the BSP Lorengau Branch five weeks to complete, the refurbished aid post was handed back to the community with a Solar lighting kit installed that would enable the health team attend to emergency cases at night.

Located in the Rapatona LLG in Manus, Tong island is a 2 hour boat ride from Lorengau and given the distance the islanders have to travel to get medical attention from Lorengau, Ward Councillor Jessie Paul expressed gratitude and praised BSP for this valued project.  “It is a big relief for us. Now we will not spend money on fuel to go elsewhere seeking medical attention,” he said.

The state of Tong Island Aid Post, prior to BSP Lorengau renovating the facility under BSP's 2022 Community Project Initiative.

Rapatona Deputy President Livai Tapun also shared the same sentiment saying the Tong Aid Post will even service neighbouring islands. “This was the first time in the last five years for me to witness a project opening, and we thank BSP for your kindness in assisting a Ward in my LLG,” Mr Tapun added.

BSP Lorengau Branch Manager Ruth Kagl in handing over the project on Sunday 17th July, 2022, thanked the Tong Islanders for accepting and accommodating her team especially over the weekends to carry out the project.

BSP Lorengau Branch Manager Ruth Kagl opens the door to the Tong Island Aid Post, signifying its openig recently. BSP spent K30,000 to refurbish this Community Project.

“Thank you for accepting us into your community. As the only bank operating in Manus, we are proud to be giving back to the community through such initiatives. All other BSP branches in the country carry out such projects annually. BSP has invested K305, 000 through the delivery of 12 Community Projects in Manus since 2009,” the Branch Manager added.

“Tong Island Community Aid-Post is one of the first remote and rural projects for BSP Lorengau since Community Project was first initiated by BSP and it is a miles stone and exceptional achievement for Lorengau Branch and Tong Island Community.  For the record most of our Community Projects were done in Urban Areas of Lorengau Town only, and to go rural like that is something the community will treasure for a very long time,” Mrs Kagl added.

BSP Lorengau Branch Manager - Ruth Kagl (carrying basket) and her staff (in BSP uniform) stand in front of Tong Island Aid Post in Manus, soon after its handover to the community.