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BSP to open new branch in Mt Hagen

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

In strengthening its foothold and branch based network expansion to accommodate the growing number of businesses and personal customers in Mt Hagen, a new BSP branch will be opened for its Mt Hagen customers in the Dobel area, Western Highlands Province.

The new BSP Dobel branch will be the second fully serviced branch that will gain privilege of servicing Western Highlands and its neighboring provinces. It is scheduled to commence construction this year, 2022, and commissioned before the end the of the year.

The new BSP establishment  will be a double - storey, fully suited modern banking facility that will have a mass market-banking chamber, premium branch, 4 ATMs, and will also house the Mt Hagen BSP Life subsidiary branch with secured car parking area for customers.

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming announced this architectural plan saying, “the building will be a great new home for our team of mass market banking officers, businesses and corporate banking specialists.”

“It will be fitted with a range of banking sections for our customers, including the Premium chamber for our priority customers, Western Union for overseas transactions, Lending for loan customers, SME for small businesses, and, customer service and general enquiries.”

“Our customers play a major role in shaping the new format branch. The furnishings and design of the facilities are fully oriented toward people’s needs. We aim to offer all banking services to accommodate our customers’ banking needs. This may also help in cutting long banking queues, waiting time, and smooth service delivery,” says Fleming.

He added that: “along with expanding full-fledged branch-based network expansion, BSP is also currently reviving its banking agents and sub-branch-based network expansion. This is part of the bank’s initiative to bring banking services to the doorsteps of communities to minismise expenses and safe banking.”

Fleming also confirmed that BSP is also planning to open its sixth branch in Eriku this year, 2022 in Lae, Morobe Province to continue better serve the residents and people of Morobe province.

The bank recently opened a few new sub-branches including Konos, Namatanai, Koroba Hybrid Branch and Palmalmal sub-branch to strengthen its foothold in the respective communities.

BSP Group branch network currently operates with 78 branches, 40 sub branches, 300 agents, 554 ATMs and 11,033 EFTPoS across the South Pacific.

Mt Hagen Branch.