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BSP supporting health and communities in SHP

Thursday, May 20, 2021

For forty years since its establishment, Mongol Health Centre in Mendi, Southern Highlands Province, has not had any form of maintenance, until BSP Mendi Branch staff refurbished the facility and donated medical equipment to the tune of K25,000.

The upgrade was part of the BSP Financial Group Limited’s (BSP) 2020 Community Project initiative, making referrals from Mongol Health Centre to other health facilities now is a thing of the past.

BSP Mendi Branch staff refurbished the building resulting in clean and safe water flow into the facility, especially the labour ward’s delivery room. New Septic toilets were installed including a new carpark for patients and staff. The bank also donated a digital fetus scope which was a boost to Mongol Health Centre’s maternity ward along with hospital mattresses for patients.

Southern Highlands Province Rural Health Manager Mendi Mesa thanked BSP for the assistance and acknowledged the bank’s other projects delivered in the past.

“We’ve received two Digital Microscopes for Mendi General Hospital, had hand wash stations installed and mattresses donated to Mendi Urban Clinic.  Now the people of Mongol have a newly renovated Health Facility for themselves, their children and the next generation to utilize and have access to better health care,” Mesa said.

BSP Group General Manager - Retail, Daniel Faunt said with a customer base close to 24,000 from all districts of Southern Highland Province, “our Mendi and Moro Branches have not only been providing banking services, but have over the years assisted the province with many Community Projects since 2009. Our branches have handed over projects in the areas of Health and Education to the tune of over K500,000 since 2009.

“BSP also services neighboring Enga’s Kandep District through Tyuni Trading - the only BSP Merchant that was setup in 2020, servicing the whole of Kandep District.

“As a green bank through our Go Green initiatives, we also recognize the effects climate change on the environment. In 2019, our Mendi Branch installed new rubbish bins in the capital of Southern Highlands Province, a project we had to revisit after the initial installation of pit bins and metal bins in 2012. We are committed to a re-use and recycling programme in branches and adopt more sustainable work practices across all areas of our operations,” Mr Faunt added.