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BSP setting the pace in graduate development

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In 2011, BSP recruited 11 qualified professionals in various fields to experience the pace and excitement of a transforming and modern bank.

The programme runs for 12 months and graduates are placed in discipline related Business Units. The program is flexible and graduates have the opportunity to apply for vacancies if they meet requirements.

Most graduates are retained after the programme and secure roles with BSP. Graduates remunerations are also benchmarked against industry standards. Airfares assistance and Housing allowance are part of the entitlements.

BSP Chief Executive Officer Ian B Clyne when welcoming the graduates said BSP is transforming and moving into the 21st Century and set to become a modern "Best Practices" bank.

BSP's Transformation Program covers 100% of its operations and every business units are involved to bring about positive change and improvements.

"Everyone working for BSP now understands that we are extremely serious about improving every aspect of BSP's operations and we are implementing this vigorous Transformation programme aimed at improving all aspects of the bank".

"You are all part of the "New BSP" so I strongly encourage you to become involved, grasp the opportunity to learn new things and together we can make BSP something really special!," Mr Clyne told the graduates.

The graduates are: Michelle Koredong, Jessica Kulang, Lydia Pangu and Dinah Parao (Business Management, UPNG), Jeff Mark (Accounting, UPNG), Leonie Sape and Wally Paka (Economics, UPNG), Michelle Barip, Syritta Chan and Brian Moya (Computer Science, UPNG), Tina Korau (Business Management, DWU).

The 2011 intakes completed an induction programme this week and are set to commence next week.

The BSP graduate program was set up in 2005 to create a pool of young graduates who can take up key roles in the future.

With the Bank undergoing the transformation program, the scheme compliments the transformation by providing young graduates who are trained/given hand-on experience to take up key roles in the bank.

"We are very excited to be here to develop professionally, especially when the bank is transforming its various processes to be modern and best serve the people," said Jeff Mark.