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BSP Restores Banking Services at Henganofi Sub-Branch

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) has restored banking services in Henganofi District in Eastern Highlands Province yesterday (Tuesday 29th November, 2022), after weeks of shutdown following a breaking and entering of the sub branch on Tuesday 1st November, 2022.

BSP Kainantu Branch Manager Robert Jomino who confirmed the incident said, “the break and enter occurred during a blackout that night when intruders cut open the security wire to gain entry into the premises, but were unable to enter the building and left without any further damages.”

This is the third time BSP Henganofi sub branch has closed its doors due to break and enter incidents. The bank is calling on all stakeholders, the local community to take care of the branch and its staff as it is the only bank willing to serve the people and residents of Henganofi District.

BSP Group General Manager for Retail Daniel Faunt said, “While BSP is pleased to return and resume services for the people of Henganofi and the Eastern Highlands Province, this is the third instance where BSP will reopen Henganofi sub branch doors due to theft and robbery at this particular sub branch in the same year. Any further criminal act against Henganofi Branch will make it difficult for BSP to once again consider re-opening the sub branch.”

“BSP sub branches in rural areas are increasingly becoming frequent targets for criminal activities, which not only cost money for BSP to repair the damage caused but also puts the provision of banking services at risk for customers who rely on BSP in their local communities,” added Faunt.

He said: “BSP is the only bank that has representation in Henganofi, no other banks are willing to offer services in this district, or many other rural districts in PNG. We call upon the people of Henganofi and Eastern Highlands to support and look after the bank facilities that provide essential banking service for the community.”

These most recent incident follows a spate of similar incidents across BSP’s network in 2022, due to law and order issues throughout the country. Such incidents come at significant cost to BSP.

BSP sub branches at Kabwum in Morobe, Chuave in Simbu and Daulo in Eastern Highlands have all suffered from break and enter incidents this year. Meanwhile, Navo Sub- Branch in West New Britain is under indefinite closure and ATM service at Napa Napa has been permanently withdrawn, following attempted theft and destruction of the machine.

Despite the cost associated with running and establishing new branches and sub-branches, BSP is committed to expand and extend its services to cater for the number of customers it has. Proof of its commitment to its customers was the recent branch in Lae – Eriku Branch opening and the ground breaking of new Telefomoin Hybrid Branch and the Mt Hagen – Dobel branch.