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BSP responds to clinic’s unspoken need

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

An unspoken need for maintenance by a clinic in Port Moresby was recently fulfilled, along with the 16,000 plus patients that it services annually, by BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) Boroko Branch.

The Ulamagi Nazarine Clinic sees over 100 patients daily, serving not only the Gereka Community but 6 mile’s Dogura Community, back up the hilltops of the Koiari Mountains and even down the coastline villages of Barakau and Gaire along the Magi Highway in Central Province.  Operating since 2013, the health facility has not received any maintenance assistance until this year.

As part of its 2022 Community Project initiative, BSP Boroko Branch reached out to the Ulamagi Nazarine Clinic, giving the facility a facelift, replacing its fly-wire, installing new tables and shelves for proper medicine storage and installing a handwash basin for the community use.

BSP Boroko Branch Manager Madeleine Leka and her team with the Ulamagi Nazarene Clinic staff after the handover of the BSP 2022 Project Initiative.

BSP Boroko Branch Manager Madeleine Leka and her team handed back the completed project to the  Ulamagi Nazarine Clinic staff on Friday 1st July, 2022, thanking them for allowing BSP to come into their community to deliver the project.

“It is pleasing to be handing over another Community Project back to the community. All branches, departments and units in BSP carry this out across PNG and the Pacific as well. I hope that through our contribution today, it will make a meaningful and lasting change in the community. We are also donating 10 First Aid Kits as well to assist with the generous work you are providing in the community, here in Gereka and along the Magi Highway,” Ms Leka added.

BSP Boroko donated 10 first aid kit to the Ulamagi Nazarene Clinic at Gereka.

Officer in charge of Ulamagi Nazarine Clinic - Nickson Kondi described the event as significant, noting it is the first time a corporate organisation has come to its assistance in 11 years. “Our clinic never had shelves in the past to safely store medicine or supplies, with this project, we now have new shelves, tables and we can store drugs away safely. I thank you for the vision you have in giving to the communities,” Mr Kondi added.

Director of Nazarine Rural Health PNG, Gabriel Mahisu, also extended his appreciation to BSP for the assistance, in maintaining the clinic facility. “We had challenges with our operational budget. Despite having only 4 staff, we were unable to carry maintenance at this place. It was an unspoken need and we really thank you for your heart,” Mr Mahisu said.

“This is a busy clinic, your investment is worth it and we appreciate the partnership in working with the church. Last year we saw 21,000 patients and everyday over 100 patients. The community thanks you,  “he added.