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BSP refurbishes Pari village urban clinic

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Clinics and Health facilities play a critical role in providing primary health care services however the challenge most facilities face is maintenance – an aspect BSP Financial Group Ltd has been able to address in a community through its Community Projects.

CEO of NCD Provincial Health Authority (PHA) Dr Steven Yennnie highlighted this challenge during the recent project handover of an upgraded Pari Health Clinic by the BSP First and BSP Capital Teams in Port Moresby.

Dr Yennie said the NCD Provincial Health Authority constitutes of 27 health clinics in the city. Pari Village Clinic is one that serves a population of 15,000 plus patients annually, some from as far as Taurama. “This clinic in Pari plays a critical role in delivering primary health care service. The challenge faced by our clinics in NCD is the facility maintenance and we thank BSP for this project here in Pari which is the refurbishment of the clinic.“

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming, BSP Capital and BSP First Staff and CEO of NCD Provincial Health Authority (PHA) Dr Steven Yennnie and his team in front of the upgraded Pari Urban Clinic soon after its reopening. 

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming in handing over the completed project said being part of the community means being able to recognise the difficulties some people experience in their community and make way for staff to contribute.

“BSP is pleased to continue that support through our Community Projects. I do want to thank our staff who put in the effort to assists with the rehabilitation to this clinic, and off course our contractors and health professionals who have to provide service to our people in difficult situations and not always the financial support they deserve. We hope that the community will look after the facility and what perfect time for this as the country celebrates its 47th Independence this month, “Mr Fleming added.

BSP First and BSP Capital Teams in refurbishing the clinic went a step further and equipped the facility with 19 Solar Lighting items from SolarSolutions – a Solar Generator, indoor lighting and Street Lights.

Pari Clinic Sister-in-charge Jennifer Puki said the upgrade is moral boosting for her team of five (5) staff and thanked BSP for the support.