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BSP Reels in K20, 000 for 45th Game Fishing Titles

Friday, February 25, 2022

BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) has reaffirmed its support for the 16th year as a platinum sponsor of the 45th National Game Fishing Titles to be held in Madang, on April 8th – 18th, 2022.

BSP Madang Branch Manager Mary Koi presented a cheque of K20, 000 to Madang Game Fishing president Terry Hagger, who received the sponsorship on behalf of Game Fishing Association Papua New Guinea.

Speaking at the cheque presentation Ms Koi said, BSP is proud to continue its support as platinum sponsors of the Fishing titles since inception in 2006.

“Whether it is fishing, swimming or cricket, we believe that through such sponsorships,  not only does it promote the sport but also foster community values, business relations as well promoting tourism and business relations,” said Ms Koi.

Mr Hagger acknowledging BSP for the continued support saying, “MGFC appreciate the support of BSP over the years, aligning its vision with our vision that fishing is an important part of the economy of the nation.

“Unlike other sporting national titles, the fishing titles run for nine consecutive days, so it is the biggest national tournament held in PNG and for a recognised financial institution to continue supporting the fishing institution is a gain for us,” he said.

“A biggest sport like this becomes a local fishing centrepiece and also promotes tourism catalyst of the destined PNG waters,” added Mr Hagger.

As the 2021 SP Sports award finalist recognised for supporting sports in PNG, BSP continues to  pride itself  in participating with communities  through its values in supporting sports, education, health, culture and the environment.