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BSP reaffirms support to Queen Pads Limited

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

BSP will continue supporting QueenPads PNG to empower young girls in the rural schools by enabling their access to basic and environmentally friendly sanitary products for their special days.

BSP is pleased to be supporting the Menstrual Health Program with more than K31,000 as a QueenPads PNG School Awareness Program partner. Menstrual Health and Hygiene Awareness Program aims to reach Schools, Communities and Organizations with information on the importance of practicing good menstrual hygiene practices to safeguard women and girls from future health risks.

BSP Corporate sponsorship Manager Amelia Minnopu said through such programs, BSP is pleased to help girls understand the importance of menstrual health while at the same time empower them to stay in school.

“The collaborative impact of our partnership is far more valuable than the monetary support. As the Green Bank, the product also promotes our Sustainability Campaign .The product allows the girls to practice good hygiene and prioritize menstrual health reducing the risk of future health issues while at the same time reduce waste management challenges in the school’s toilets,” Ms Minnopu added.

Founder and owner of QueensPads PNG, Ann- Shirley Korave said they are grateful for partnership with such a reputable Financial Institution in PNG and the Pacific region.

“We acknowledge the support of BSP Marketing Team and the Branch Managers of the respective provinces visited in 2023.  This partnership has allowed us to reach 1, 683 individuals of which 1, 602 are school girls from primary, secondary and vocational schools from eight (8) respective schools.

“Period stigma and shame remains evident in almost all schools. About 90% of students visited under this program indicated not having such conversations before. For many siting through QueenPads Menstrual Health Awareness was the first. Our sessions are breaking barriers to normalize menstruation...QueenPads is keen on reaching many more school girls through this partnership in 2024,” Ms Korave added.