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BSP Rabaul runs Financial Literacy Training in schools

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

BSP’s Financial Literacy program continues in selected schools in partnership with our community partner, NRL Club, Brisbane Broncos.

Students from the St Joseph Malagunan Primary School in Rabaul, East New Britain were the recent recipients of the program that aims to help school children understand the basics of budgeting in order to make better future financial decisions.

BSP Rabaul Branch Manager, David Pilai and his team conducted the training to more than 50 Grade 4 students last week, which resulted in 15 Sumatin Accounts and seven (7) Kids Saving Accounts opened.

Mr Pilai explained to the students that with growth comes added responsibilities of ensuring that BSP customers, especially in rural areas, are empowered and well informed in financial literacy.

BSP Rabaul Branch Manager David Pilai and his team with Grade 4 students from St Joseph Malagunan Primary School after the Financial Literacy Training last week.

“Financial literacy is an important part of BSP’s contribution to the communities that we operate in,” Mr Pilai said. “Our teams visit selected schools to run training conducted by trained financial literacy trainers and delivered through BSP branches across Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. We target schools, churches, organised community groups, businesses, and corporate organisations.

“Since 2014 we have reached more than 168,000 students of which 1,100 students have participated through our community partnership with the Brisbane Broncos. We remain committed to reaching more students under this program and continue to capture the unbanked population where we operate.”

Students from Grades 4 and 10 are the targeted audience under the financial literacy program. More schools will be visited in coming months in NCD and East New Britain Province.