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BSP Opens yet another ATM

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BSP Chief Executive Officer Ian B Clyne opened a new ATM at the Courts superstore at Gordons, in Port Moresby today (16/02/11) bringing the total ATM number nationwide to 178, which is by far the largest network serving the majority of Papua New Guineans.

In the ensuing weeks BSP will be opening a couple more. This roll-out is part of an expansion plan to have 400 ATMs nationwide. "We will continue to grow our ATM network because of our commitment to our customers, as this expansion allows them to choose how they bank with BSP - at a time, place and location that is convenient to them," Mr Clyne said.

Courts general manager Mark Curtis who also officiated at the launch thanked BSP for providing the service.
"This partnership with BSP shows our combined commitment to work together to provide to our customers the ease of comfort when shopping at Courts and needing to use the ATM service too," Mr Curtis said.
BSP customers can use an ATM to check balances, withdraw cash, get phone credits, obtain mini-statements, transfer funds and change their PIN numbers. International visitors visiting Papua New Guinea for business or pleasure also have the benefit of using the world renowned MasterCard on BSP ATMs.

The addition of MasterCard on BSP ATMs will provide greater security compared to cash and reduce the use of traveler's checks.

And most recently the ease and accessibility of banking in Papua New Guinea moved up a notch with the introduction by BSP and Westpac to allow interchange between its ATM networks. This means BSP ATMs nationwide can now accept the Westpac Handy Card and likewise Westpac ATMs can now accept BSP Kundu

Mr Clyne reiterated that electronic banking transactions are much cheaper than transactions performed by a teller in a branch and BSP has urged customers to use an ATM, Eftpos and use SMS banking.

"BSP encourages our retail customers to use the SMS banking, ATMs and Eftpos for banking which is far more convenient, safe and accessible. By using Automated Telling Machines (ATMs) and EFTPOS machines in shops and using SMS banking, BSP customers can actually reduce their annual banking fees if the customer manages their banking needs correctly," he said.

The expansion of ATMs and introduction to new services is yet another testimony to the commitment BSP has in making banking easier, convenient and accessible for its customers in PNG and the South Pacific.