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BSP Mobile Payment reaches Aitape-Lumi – Melu Brush Cutters

Monday, March 28, 2022

Majority of the population in PNG live outside urban areas with limited access to basic infrastructure like banking services, transport, electricity and affordable access to nearest towns.

Despite these challenges and tough economic situations, most SMEs in some of the remote parts of the country continue to provide basic services like trade store, fuel services and other retailer outlets that serve the needs in their local communities.

Melu Brass Cutters is one such SME operating out of Milliom Village, along the Sepik Highway in Aitape-Lumi District, West Sepik Province.

Established initially in 2013 to provide vegetation control, the family business has diversified into other retail services such as trade store, fuel services, a guesthouse, poultry and agricultural produce, especially fresh vegetables.

Since registering with BSP’s Mobile Merchant payment solution, the SME business has been one of the top performers in the mobile payment ecosystem.

Business owner Maggie Melu, stated, “Mobile payments is easy and convenient, we receive mobile payment receipts instantly and our customers also received their electronic receipt on their mobiles. We prefer this payment method because funds go straight to our BSP Account and there are no cash handling involved; no loss from my cashiers and you our rural customer can pay with a “wan-bang” (feature phone) or a smart phone as long as mobile network is available”.

Business Owners Daniel & Maggie Melu with son.

 Ms Melu said their aim was to empower their rural communities and encourage the growth of SMEs to take up entrepreneurial activities to alleviate poverty and income-source employment for community.

Ms Melu added, “I would like to encourage other small business especially in the rural areas to register for this digital payment service from BSP, even though it may take time for your customer to understand the payment steps, they will eventually get the hang of it.”

Businesses interested in registering for Mobile Merchant payment solution can contact BSP through email servicebsp@bsp.com.pg or call BSP 3201212 or 70301212.