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BSP Marks World Environment Day

Friday, June 5, 2020

Bank South Pacific (BSP) through its Go Green Program has been a catalyst in encouraging people to save and protect our environment from different environmental challenges the world is facing today.

As part of the banks Corporate and Social Responsibility, BSP is always pleased to take lead in promoting and encouraging its Go Green message of safeguarding the environment we live in.

BSP has been active in promoting this message since the inception of its Go Green Clean-up Campaign, which started in 2010, and pulls together communities to clean up their streets, schools and around the communities where they live in.

The bank being a member to the Clean up the World Campaign and as an organisation; take part annually in observing Earth Hour, participates in World Earth Day activities and marks World Environment Day.

BSP Corporate Sponsorship Manager Amelia Minnopu when speaking about the GO Green campaign said, "BSP as a community oriented bank continues to challenge ourselves, our system and our partners to be more aware on practical ways to take care of our environment. We're continually seeking innovative new ways to decrease our environmental impact in the communities we operate wherever possible."

"Through our Go Green Initiative, we are able to reach across the Pacific, through fun and inclusive community activities that encourage and teach children about the importance of caring for and respecting the environment in which we live in," Miss Minnopu added.

The bank through its GO Green initiative in 2020 has also teamed up with Port Moresby Nature Park to support the inaugural event that bid to cultivate the importance of waste management and pollution - the "Trash to Treasure" Sculpture Festival. The bank supported the event as naming rights sponsors with K40, 000. This event is expected to take place next month.


Go Green Clean U by students of Butuka Academy Port Moresby.


Earlier this year, the bank also raised its hand and supported the International Day of Forests that focused on "Forest and Biodiversity", which raises awareness on the importance of all types of forest.

With this year's World Environment Day theme "Biodiversity", BSP is pleased to continue its message of re-use and recycling and ways to reduce any negative impact and enhance the environment we live in.

World Environment Day is celebrated every 5th of June and is one of the biggest days of recognition for encouraging people worldwide to save and protect our environment from different environmental challenges the world is facing today.