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BSP Managers take a LEAP

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two teams of senior BSP managers recently undertook a 3-day Leadership Effectiveness and Advancement Program (L.E.A.P) to help them to discover new ways of thinking and behaving and by being more self aware, provide them with the capacity to empower others to be the best they can.

The two main themes for the workshop were "Leading Yourself - to effectively lead others you first have to know yourself and effectively lead yourself" and "Leading Others - sustainable success is about enabling others' to realise their potential." 

While most participants had a preconceived notion that "good leadership" was basically all about "good management," by the end of the workshop they had a better understanding that:

  • Leadership is about self awareness
  • Leadership is about discipline of thought and action
  • Leadership is about humility and integrity
  • Leadership is about facilitating learning
  • Leadership is about creatively engaging others  

Deputy General Manager and Head of Training, Bob DeBrouwere, was very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response from the participants to the training.

He stressed that BSP's training focus going forward would go beyond basic management programs by challenging our best and brightest with leadership programs that will equip them to become the foundation for BSP's growth in the future.