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BSP Lights Up Rural Health Centre

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

“I recall nights where late Joe would mount a head torch or carry a lamp and walk to the Health Centre when there is an emergency,” said the Head Teacher of the local Matanatou Primary School, Luana Duli.

Local teacher from the nearby Wiga Primary School, Oena Malona, was tasked to oversee the BSP Solar Lights Project after Matanatou Health Center Officer-in-Charge (OIC) and lone health worker late Joe Robona passed on 2 weeks prior to the handover.

Matanatou Health Center, located in Binagoro Village in the hinterlands of Rigo District, Central Province, has recently received a full pack of solar lighting system and office kit for their staff. The health centre operates through the government funding servicing close to 20,000 people in the inland of Rigo District.

Duli shed tears when receiving the much-needed project from the BSP First team through the BSPs annual community project initiative.

“As remote as it is, the lone Health Extension Officer and OIC late Joe Robona who resides at his nearby Binagoro Village, serves his people by heart, even at nights during emergencies. After today, Matanatou Health Centre can now conduct emergency procedures and supervise mothers in labour at night efficiently and diligently,” said Duli.

“From the people here, we really couldn’t thank you enough for delivering something that we have been hoping for a long time. We thank late Joe for his commitment and BSP for reaching out to us in offering such a project that will go a long way in benefiting this community, not only here but also people from the nearby Kwikila Station,” added Duli.

MR Duli & Mr Kerua showing newly installed Solar

“This solar light now gives the community and especially the health centre a sense of purpose for its operation in a community like this. This is the first of its kind for the health centre to have proper lights installed,” he said.

BSP First Habour City Branch Manager Nelson Kerua officially handed over the project to the community saying, “we are honored to be here in such a remote community to provide a project that will contribute significantly to the people.”

“This is the first time BSP First team have stepped out into a rural area like this and we hope that what we delivered today will go a long way in assisting the people and the health workers deliver a professional job in saving lives of people in such communities. Communities that are far from the main Health Centers,” said Kerua.