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BSP lights up Inu health Centre, Moro

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

“From lighting up a rural community’s health centre to disaster relief assistance and now responding to Covid-19 through the installation of Hand Wash Stations, BSP Moro remains committed to the community we operate in,” said BSP Financial Group Limited General Manager – Retail Daniel Faunt.

BSP is the only bank operating in Moro since May 2008 and has been assisting the communities since 2009 with community projects valued at up to K275,000 to date. “Our reach in Moro covers employees from the camp sites and customers in the nearby villages, capturing over 12,000 customer base,” Mr Faunt added.

Inu Health Centre, located at Inu Station along the Lake Kutubu, is one of those remote communities that BSP recently assisted.

BSP installed Solar Panels above Inu Health Centre.

Moro Branch Manager Bau Kiso and his team installed solar lights at the Inu Health Centre, lighting up the centre, a project valued at K30,000. “They (staff at the health centre) had been assisting women in labour using torch and lamps to deliver. The BSP donation has made a lot of difference after so many years of struggle.”

“BSP’s EFTPoS devices installed around Moro have been very helpful with customers now having access to funds. With the C19 protocols, restriction on movement for contractors and workers on site within Moro is very limited and use of the digital banking facilities like Mobile Banking, Personal Internet Banking, Business Internet Banking is convenient at this time. We can register customers for these services apart from basic banking services that we provide for the walk-in customers,” Mr Kiso added.

BSP Moro Branch Manager Bau Kiso hands over medical equipment to Inu Health Centre

Mr Faunt said “in adapting to Covid-19 measures, Kaimari PNG Christian Fellowship Church, Moro Supermarket and BSP Moro Branch entrance, all had Hand Wash Stations installed and in doing so; we aligned with the Government and Health regulations to practice clean hygiene and sanitation to avoid the spread of viruses.”

In 2018, Yalanda Village in Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province, was one community greatly affected from the February 14 earthquake and landslides that saw many families displaced into care centres.

Moro Branch donated K25,000 worth of relief supplies to Yalanda village community, consisting of household supplies, beddings and essentials for the people. “It’s these little but significant projects that BSP delivers in the communities we operate in and we will continue to do so in the years to come,” Mr Faunt added.