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BSP Invests in Education and Services to Address FSV

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

PNG Business Coalition for Women applauds BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) for its investment in addressing Family and Sexual Violence (FSV) issues in PNG.

BCFW is the leading voice in PNG advocating for gender equality within the business community providing a range of practical advisory services and tools based on international leading practices to help PNG businesses unlock their economic potential through gender equity initiatives.

Executive Director of the BCFW in PNG, Evonne Kennedy acknowledged BSP for its dedication in addressing FSV in communities  saying, “BSP has been at the forefront of advocating the issue of Family and Sexual Violence (FSV), not only publicly vocalising its stance against FSV, but also models this by addressing and supporting staff through internal policies, practices and culture.”

“In the last 5 years, Port Moresby has seen significant development in responsive services provided to survivors of FSV. There is still a long way to go, but the community investments provided by BSP and other private sector companies reflects their commitment and dedication to addressing FSV issues,” added Kennedy.

She added: “The BCFW has worked closely with BSP in multifaceted ways to support their work and core commitments.  One of these commitments is the implementation of a companywide policy on FSV, providing guidance to management in addressing and assisting employees facing issues related to FSV.  Moreover, equipping key staff through trainings to provide immediate assistance and support to survivors of FSV, especially staff.”

BSP Head of Support Services Alicia Sahib reiterated this saying, “BSP provides ongoing comprehensive education and awareness to staff on FSV policies through weekly messaging, internal communications, testimonies, and campaigns. One of these engagements was the biggest social justice campaign, the #blackthursdays campaign, initiated in 2020.”

“Assisting organisations to develop and implement policies that provide safe and respectful workplaces for women provides the foundations upon which structural and cultural changes can be made.  Women need to work in a place where they feel safe, respected and valued,” said Ms Sahib.

“Whilst we know that empowering women in the workplace and into leadership roles is not just a numbers game, we also know that BSP is an organisation that is committed to creating environments that are safe and supportive and are conducive to female leadership development and excellence,” she added.

BSP is making the necessary investments to create a gender equitable workforce.