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BSP includes special needs children in 2022 Community Project

Friday, August 5, 2022

BSP Financial Group Limited has been thanked for recognising the rights of children with special needs and enabling access to education through one of three refurbished classrooms at the Gababaga Primary School in Central Province.

As part of its 2022 Community Project Initiative, the BSP Marketing team refurbished three classrooms and handed them back to the school on Thursday 4th August, 2022, along with the donation of a 2000L water tank, 40 double seater desks and BSP Sports merchandise items for the students. BSP has also organized for the delivery of a Library Book Kit from Buk bilong Pikinini later to the school.

BSP Refurbished three classrooms at Gabagaba Primary School as part of Marketing Business Unit's 2022 Community Project.

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming told the community it was heart-warming for the bank to help some students who are often left behind because they are less advantaged than others – children with special needs. “Yes at times they can be the ones who are left behind – any community basically has to respect and help everyone in their community. BSP undertakes commercial activities but we must also learn to listen to the voice of the community we serve. The condition of the facilities are no way any reflection of how the community values those facilities, often it’s because you don’t get the support you should be from those whose financial responsibilities is to assist schools all around PNG.”

One of the three classrooms will house students of the school’s Inclusive Education Program that is run by local advocate Rose Launch. A delighted Mrs Launch thanked a former student and current BSP Staff, Manoka Veao for the networking in assisting her establish a location to run Inclusive Education Programs not only for Gabagaba village but to other communities in Central Province as well. 

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming with Inclusive Education Advocate Rose Launch (second from right) and Special needs children from Gabagaba village.

“Central Province does not have an Inclusive Learning Centre for children with special needs and this is a breakthrough because it’s a new concept bringing it to the door step of children with special needs in the rural areas. We only have Community Based rehabilitation officers who go out to the rural areas but we do not have qualified skilled teachers who teach children with disabilities yet we have the population in the rural areas and for BSP to give this project, it is a great privilege and honour.  I thank BSP and the CEO also for recognising the right of children with disabilities to access the education services.

“We have a number of children with special needs in the community because of discrimination; the parents do not allow their children to go to school. Because of cultural beliefs, they are not released to attend education but through this project – through this program I hope that the parents will release their children and they can go further in life, leave meaningfully in the society and not be dependent on their parents and families,” Mrs Launch added.

BSP Marketing & Public Relations Business Unit team with BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming and his team in front of the refurbished Gabagaba Primary School.

Gabagaba Village Councilor Wyntauna Bagelo in thanking BSP said students are often reluctant to go to schools because the classrooms are not conducive to learning. “When you come and help renovate and rebuild facilities, it gives us the inspiration to come into school and learn.”

Gabagaba Primary School is among 49 selected recipients of BSP Financial Group Limited’s 2022 Community Project initiative,  all coordinated and organised by the bank’s different branches, departments, units, subsidiaries and the countries BSP operates in. This is the 10th project to be completed and given back to the community for the year.

BSP’s annual Community Project is aimed at improving the welfare of local communities through interventions in education, environment and health. Since its inception in 2009, BSP has funded over K13.39 million and delivered over 529 community projects.

Students of Gabagaba Primary School sit on the new desks (40 of them) BSP donated as part of its 2022 Community Project initiative.