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BSP ‘Helpim Mama Karim Haus’

Monday, September 12, 2022

Mothers at Port Moresby General Hospital’s Post Natal Ward will now have access to an additional ablution block after it refurbished by three (3) of BSP Financial Group Limited’s (BSP) Strategic Business Units.

Project ‘Helpim Mama Karim Haus’ was initiated among BSP’s Operations & IT, Retail Banking and Finance & Planning Strategic Business Units in June this year as part of its 2022 Community Projects.

Coordinator of the Project Natasha Beangke said “it was heart wrenching seeing almost a hundred mothers in the hospital’s Post Natal Ward (11) have access to only five toilets and showers at one time, following the closure of the ward’s Ablution Block A, over two –years ago. Today, Monday 12th September 2022, marked the completion of Stage 1 of the project, and handover back to Port Moresby General Hospital’s Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ward. We will also refurbish Block B and one of the Labour Ward’s ablution blocks in the next four weeks,” Ms Beangke added.

BSP's Retail, IT & Ops and Finance & Planning Teams at POM Gen's Ward 11 refurbished ablution block.

BSP Group Chief Operating Officer – Frank van der Poll said the project is being carried out to add value to the communities BSP operates in. “I hope it shows that we are not only the best financial service provider, we also ensure our customers and stakeholders are being looked after from the community level up. The project will cost K150, 000 to complete.”

Port Moresby General Hospital’s Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ward Acting Director - Dr Hilda Tanimia thanked BSP for helping the hospital and mothers through the project. “Most of these patients come from very remote areas and very under privileged circumstances who access our services. Our patient turnover rate is very high so we thank BSP for going a long way to helping our mothers,” Dr Tanimia said.

Port Moresby General Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr Paki Molumi said on average, the hospital sees up to 60 deliveries per day in a 30-bed Labour Ward thus turnaround time of getting mothers into the Post-Natal Ward then discharged is of essence.

POM Gen's Ward 11 ablution block A after being refurbished by BSP.

“Our priority is getting the drugs and consumables in order for our patients. Many of the things that we should do like maintenance are overlooked because of overhead costs and priorities in resource allocation. Through the hospital’s corporate plan, we welcome partners to come in and sustain our programs through Public Private Partnership. It’s not the first time that BSP has come in and we thank you,” Dr Molumi added.