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BSP Go Green Campaign supports environmental initiatives

Friday, June 3, 2022

BSP Go Green Campaign began in 2009 as an environmental initiative under BSP’s Corporate Social Responsibility program that is promoted through BSP branches in PNG as well as offshore branches in the Pacific.

The BSP Go Green Program is aimed at helping school children understand the importance of respecting, caring and cleaning their environment. BSP promotes Environment Conservation Initiatives through partnerships with schools and communities. This includes activities such as the Go Green Annual School Clean-up, important environmental events such as Earth Hour  which is observed on the  26th March 2022, Earth Day - 22nd April 2022, World Environment Day - 5th June 2022 and the BSP Trash to Treasure Sculpture Festival –  that is set to take place from 4th June to 3rd July, 2022.

BSP Corporate Sponsorship Manager Amelia Minnopu said “Only One Earth” is the theme for the World Environment Day this year, which falls on Sunday 5th June, 2022.

Eric Tassman of BSP Waigani Drive Branch with the Head teacher and student from Sevese Morea Elementary School plant trees to commemorate World Environment Day in 2021.

BSP through its Go Green Campaign will be promoting the World Environment Day theme of #OnlyOneEarth, that focuses on living sustainably in harmony with nature by bringing transformative changes and choices towards a cleaner and greener lifestyle.

“Our Go Green theme promotes our initiative of Re-thinking, Re-using and Recycling’ trash by creating sculptures made of tins, bottles, cans, plastics and other waste materials. We encourage students in schools to participate and visit the sculptures at the Port Moresby Nature Park and learn about the importance of taking care of our environment,” Ms Minnopu added.

Furthermore, BSP has Eco Ambassadors from each branch around PNG who go out to schools and engage with children on the importance of taking care for the environment.  As a vital part of their education, the yearly BSP School Clean-up provides an opportunity for school students to celebrate World Environment Day in a practical way. BSP has also been involved with schools in planting of tree seedlings over the years.