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BSP Finance Refurbishes Bomana Health and Welfare Building

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The BSP Finance PNG team has handed over a refurbished hoary old building at the Bomana Correctional Facility that housed the jail clinic, welfare office, Chaplain’s Office, the Main Prison Food Storage room and the Office of the Officer In Charge of the Bomana Correctional Service Institute in Port Moresby.

BSP Finance PNG, an Asset Finance Specialist and a subsidiary of the BSP Group of Companies with the help of a contractor gave an overhaul to the building by replacing the entire roofing iron including ceilings, fly-wires and electrical wiring.

Chief Inspector & Manager Operations Dimon Gah said, “With the refurbishment of this building, it will very much ensure a safe, secure and humane facility that will now provide a good healthcare and effective rehabilitation to the 800 detainees we currently have, whenever they need it.”

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming formally handing over the completed project to CIS Chief Inspector & Manager Operations Dimon Gah.

“More importantly, the boost on the facility will encourage Correctional Officers to serve with pride under a more conducive environment for the rehabilitation process of the prisoners and helps them conduct positive daily activities.”

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming when handing over the project said, “It’s a privilege to stand here every time and handover projects like this, but it’s our staff commitments that makes a difference in improving the welfare of our local communities through interventions in education, environment and health.”

“As a part of the communities we live in, we would like to build these relationships and strengthen our community involvement. BSP Community Project initiatives provide an avenue for each of our branch staff to contribute to make a difference. This is not only in PNG but also in other Pacific Countries we operate in,” said Fleming.

BSP Finance General Manager Andy Roberts also thanked the Bomana Correctional Commanders and Officers for allowing the BSP Finance team to carry out work needed to improve the building facilities, reaffirming that, “Everyone has a right to good health and welfare and these 800 detainees here at Bomana deserve the same.”

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming CIS Chief Inspector & Manager Operations Dimon Gah and BSP Finance General Manager Andy Roberts with CIS officers and BSP Finance staff.

Meanwhile, BSP Vanimo also handed over a completed Water tank installation project at Lujan Home for Girls in Vanimo East Tower, West Sepik Province.

Lujan Home for Girls is a refuge home in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea run by the SSVM Sisters. They take care of girls ranging from 2 years old to 25 years old. 

The Vanimo branch team delivered four new water tanks which include one 9,000 litres and three 5,000 litres with main fittings of the storage water pump fully installed.

This year, BSP has selected 49 projects as part of its 2022 Community Project initiative,  all coordinated and organised by the bank’s different branches, departments, units, subsidiaries and the countries BSP operates in.