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BSP disappointed over ATM vandalism

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

The vandalism of four (4) BSP Mendi Branch ATMs in Mendi Town will continue to disadvantage the Southern Highlands People.

This recent act of vandalism in Mendi Town will see a total of 17 BSP ATMs damaged across PNG since January 2024, further disrupting our ability to offer banking services to the community.

BSP Group General Manager Retail Daniel Faunt has expressed disappointment over the actions of individuals who on the morning of Monday 5th February, damaged all four ATMs that were operational at the time.

“It is disappointing to see that the damage has been made by members of the community with little regard to the needs of the broader Province. BSP is the only bank offering banking services, with an ATM access. BSP will use all necessary avenues available to hold all perpetrators accountable,” he said.

Faunt called on the Community Leaders, the people around Mendi town and Southern Highlands Province to work together, protect and support the banking services offered.

“BSP does all it can to provide services to customers and non-customers alike around PNG notwithstanding the cost of doing so. This responsibility is carried by BSP disproportionately with other banks choosing only to operate where it is profitable to do so.," Faunt further added.

Customers in the meantime can access cash from BSP Cash Agents and EFTPoS merchants.