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BSP delivers Community Projects in rural schools

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Blackout and power outage will no longer disrupt classes or printing of materials for classes at Lealea Primary School, thanks to BSP’s 2022 Community Project.

BSP Haus Branch lit up the school’s four double story classrooms with a Solar Generator set and installed solar powered streetlights around the school’s campus.

BSP Haus Branch Manager Rawalo Rawalo and his team handed over the project to the school’s 500 plus students and its 16 teaching staff on Tuesday 7th June, 2022, appealing to the community and the school to look after the facilities. “I hope that through our contribution today, it will make a meaningful and lasting change in the lives of people in our communities,” Mr Rawalo said.

Lealea Primary School Head Mistress Ranu Lari in thanking BSP for choosing their school said the solar streetlights have lit up their school, giving it an urban look at night.

One of the 4 classrooms at Lealea Primary School, powered by BSP's Solar Generator set. In front of the classroom is a street light, also part of BSP Haus's 2022 Community Project.

She explained that while the school has electricity connected, it could not power the entire school. “Words cannot express how thankful we are with this gift from BSP because someone from out there who does not know where the school is located, and does not know how many students attend the school cannot just come and said ‘I’m giving you this.’

“This is a blessing. Thank you very much BSP for your assistance, for your gift. Even though we will experience blackouts or heavy rains, we are still going to operate because of the generator you have given, so thank you,” Mrs Lari added.

Meanwhile students of Sangan Primary School in Markham District in Morobe Province now enjoy a newly built e-Library facility that would not only assist students gather information from such a remote school, but also give students the basic knowledge of interaction with a computer.

Students of Sangan Primary School in Morobe Province use new computers in their newly established e-Library, thanks to BSP Lae TopTown Branch 2022 Community Project.

BSP Lae TopTown Branch has setup the e-Library for the students of Sangan Primary School that would see improved quality of learning for students. The donation included Solar Power Supply, three computers with Encyclopaedia and Moodle Learning Management System installed which is available both online and offline, making information available to students at their fingertips.

School Head Teacher Yawising Yatap and Board chairperson Jesse Paul both expressed their gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the school and surrounding community for the project stressing that it has been more than 10 years since they last received any sort of assistance.

The project handover took place on 28th May 2022.